Macmillan Legacy – Hampton Court 2014

Design notes
In 1911 Macmillan Cancer Support was started with a bike given by Douglas Macmillan to a district nurse so she could attend his cancer stricken father, and her other patients, more quickly and more frequently. Macmillan still give bikes. In 2010 Artist Emma Herman Smith, a cancer sufferer was asked by Macmillan if there was anything they could do to improve her well being. With a patient grant they gave Emma a lighter, more portable bike. The show garden is a stylised countryside inspired by the rural journey taken by nurse, a herd of cows given to Macmillan as a legacy and Emma’s artwork titled ‘Swifts and Swallows’, a peleton of acrylic bikes that fly over the ceiling of the bridge.

“One of the most popular show gardens at RHS Hampton Court this year”
Sue Biggs, Director General, Royal Horticultural Society July 2014

Download our full plant list
Macmillan Legacy 2014 plant list PDF file

Dexter cow by Kev Paxton (

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