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Winter gardening

01/12/2010 Plant Sense 2010

So what are you able to do in your garden this winter? There is still a surprising amount jobs you can…

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14/11/2010 Plant Sense 2010

Britain is home to relatively few evergreens. Our native flora consists of mainly deciduous plants, plants which loose their leaves in…

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Autumn clean

10/10/2010 Plant Sense 2010

Autumn – it is not just about sweeping leaves. For me it is the season when most of the gardening work…

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05/09/2010 Plant Sense 2010

For a while hydrangeas went out of fashion. Perhaps it was their association with grandmas’ gardens that gave them a dated…

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Late summer colour

25/07/2010 Plant Sense 2010

How has your garden performed this year? What has worked well and what turned out to be a disappointment? It is…

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Container planting

20/06/2010 Plant Sense 2010

Container planting can be the solution to many problems. It can help: avoid areas of poor soil such as near hedges…

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