What services do you offer? 
Level 1 Garden design only 
Level 2 Garden design and planting plan 
Level 3 Garden design, planting plan and project management.

Do you do everything from beginning to end? 
We can provide you with ideas on how your garden can be designed, suggestions for hard landscaping materials, scaled drawings for your garden design along with planting plans for the areas you wish to be cultivated. We then work with a number of talented landscapers who have an excellent track record and can make your garden design a reality.

How often will you meet us during the process? 
This will depend on what service you request. 

What if I only want you to do the designs and I want to do all the landscaping and planting myself? 
We are delighted to provide you with a garden design and/or planting plans for you to undertake independently. 

I only have a tiny town garden – do you do all sizes of gardens? 
We consider designing any size of garden but the minimum fee for garden design is generally £300. The only limiting factor for us is your budget.

Is there a best time of year to design a garden?
A garden can be designed at any time of the year and most plants can be placed in the ground all year round. A few plants are more vulnerable to cold and wet conditions, when they are newly planted and they can be planted when conditions become more favourable. 

How much do you charge? 
Your garden design, planting designs and construction costs will be determined by the size of your garden, the number of levels, the amount of hard landscaping you require and the type and density of your plants you wish to use. We ask clients to provide an indicative budget for their project so we can determine how much hard and soft landscaping can be incorporated into the design. 

  • For an initial site visit and consultation in the Edinburgh area: £50.00 
  • For a drawn-to-scale hard landscaping garden design: from £300 ( this fee will depend on the size, elevation and complexity of your garden 
  • For scaled soft landscaping (planting) design: from £300 ( this fee will depend on the size of your garden ). 

What areas do you work in? 
Green Edge Garden Design works mainly in the Edinburgh area but if your project is large enough we will consider travelling further afield. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

How long does the design process take? 
How long the process takes depends on how large your project is in terms of the size of your garden, the budget you have, the complexity of your garden's design is, the amount of hard landscaping work required and any changes of level in your garden. It also depends on how many changes you wish to make to your initial garden design, the materials you choose and their availability.

How long does construction of the garden take? 
If there is little hard landscaping in your garden's design then it can be achieved quite quickly. However if your design is labour intensive with terracing, water features, retaining walls etc. the period of construction will take longer.